Fey Fyre (Part 19)

James had just finished closing up the office of Emerald Helicopter Tours when the phone rang. Part of the reason he had taken this job was that he was assured by the owners that none of them were looking for help with the day-to-day office work, he had tried that and much preferred to be behind the stick then a desk any day.

                He wouldn’t normally have been the one closing up, but one of the owners Marv had to leave to pick up one of his wives because her car had broken down.

                “Emerald Tours.” James said, as he put the receiver to his ear.

                “James, its Glenda. You know where my husband is?” Glenda asked.

                “Yeah, Marv got a call from Dot about an hour ago and had to go pick her up, some sort of car trouble.” James replied.

                “Okay good, I got her message but wasn’t sure where she was.” Glenda said. “I’m on my way to the office now, so you can head out I’ll finish up any paperwork when I get there.”

                The bell on the front door chimed twice as someone entered the waiting room, and James swore under his breath for not locking the door before he picked up the phone.

                “That’s fine,” James said. “Listen I have to let you go, somebody just came in.”

                James dropped the receiver and heading to the front counter to see if he could convince the customer to schedule for another day. When he entered the front office he was stopped in his tracks by what he saw. A young couple standing at the counter dressed looked as if they were on their way to a club in New York as opposed to booking a Helicopter ride in Arizona. Standing off to the side was an older woman who appeared to have not taken a vacation from her high-powered job for a while. James’ first thought was that he had another pair of rich celebrities and their agent trying to get him to rent out his helicopter to make an impressive entrance at some star-studded event.

                “Can I help you folks with anything?” James asked.

                The young girl at the counter turned to look at James for the first time. When he looked in her eyes he could swear he heard soft music playing, could smell roses and taste the sweat rolling down her smooth skin. He was so enthralled that it took her repeating her question twice before he even realized that she was talking.

                “We are looking for Clio, the owner” T said. “Is she here?” 

                James shook his head repeatedly to clear it. He really shouldn’t be having these thoughts about a girl who looked to be young enough to be his granddaughter.

                “I’m sorry.” James replied. “You must have the wrong place. The owner’s name is Marvin Gale. I don’t know anyone named Cleo.”

                “Glenda” The woman in the corner mumbled. “She goes by the name Glenda now.”

                James stopped for a moment to let what she had just said register.

                “Oh, Glenda, Yeah, I just got off the phone with her,” James said. “She should be here in a few minutes. Let me give her a call back.”

                As James started to turn the old pick up was heard screeching to a halt outside. Moments later Glenda stormed into the office.

                “That man should never be allowed to pick out a single thing that moves.” Glenda ranted as she pushed past James and into the backroom without even noticing the others. “If I left it up to him to purchase the choppers, he would find the only ones in existence where the prop stood still and the cockpit spun around.”

                James for a moment remembered the first time that he had met Glenda, and the sudden attraction he had felt to her just like this young girl. It had been different with Glenda, she was noticeably older at least forty-five he figured, she carried a bit of extra weight, but all of it in exactly the right places. Her mane of strawberry blonde curls usually tied back in a loose ponytail.

                James finally snapped out of his revelry.

                “Glenda, these people are looking for you.” James shouted.

                “What? Oh, Shit” Glenda mumbled as she popped her head out of the back and for the first time noticed the visitors in the office. “James, I think I can handle things from here. Why don’t you head on out.”

                Glenda quickly ushered James out the front door and made sure he had gotten into his car before turning back to greet her guests.

                “Hello, Sweetie” Glenda purred at Cal. “What brings the three of you out to my neck of the woods?”

                “The prince has sent us to gather you.” T said without waiting to be acknowledged.

                “Oh, I do so love when he gets us into trouble.” Glenda chuckled. “What little scheme of his has gone awry now?”

                “This is nothing he has done, Bathory has come and he is looking for blood.” T said. “Damien and the Demon Son are using him to get past the truce and strike at the prince.”

                The door suddenly burst open and Dot stalked in quickly followed by Marv

                “I’m sorry; I thought I had gotten the problem with the harmonic dampener fixed.” Marv said.  “I’ll have the Corvair running again in a day or two.”

                “I don’t think you will have time for that Lieutenant.” Peter said.

                When Marv turned and realized who was there; his face broke into a huge smile.

                “Commander,” Marv said giving Peter a huge hug. “It is good to see you. What has brought you all the way out here?”

                “We were sent by the Prince, Bathory has come to make a challenge to the truce.” Peter explained. “I was hoping my best pilot would be at my side.”

                “You know I will always have your back sir.” Marv responded.

                “That’s good, we weren’t sure how the girls would feel about coming back to help the family.” Peter said.

                “Well you know that we came out here to try to get away from all of the fighting in the family, but you know that if there is one thing that Glenda hates more than her sisters, it is those damn bloodsuckers.” Marv replied. “And if it gives us one more shot at Kali it is worth more than anything else to them.”

                Their conversation was suddenly cut short by the sound of a round being chambered in a shot-gun.

                “Gentlemen” Glenda said, hoisting the gun over her shoulder. “The chopper is waiting out back; Dot is loading up the gear now. If there is going to be a fight I don’t want to keep them waiting.”

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