Fey Fyre (Part 10)

     Feverstone arrived at Bragdon Wood late in the evening; he had traveled for almost a day due to his unique needs while in transit. The limo slowed to a stop at the entrance to the monstrous estate, the black marble columns of the entrance dwarfing everything around them. Feverstone climbed out of the back of his windowless car and made his way inside. He had missed his home greatly in his travels, but his loyalty to his lord and master was absolute and he would never veer from the path that he had been set on.

     His minimal staff greeted him on his arrival. The stared out of terrified eyes knowing that if even one thing was out of place from when he left almost a decade earlier then retribution would be the least of their worries.

     Feverstone instructed them on what was to be done in preparation for his trip to Worchester. He then headed to his chambers to relax and prepare for the confrontation.

     He locked the door to his chambers from the inside and lit the heavy black candles that surrounded the room. Stripping naked he knelt down in the center of the room to focus his thoughts for the battle.

     Every step of the way this thorn had been in his side and he was determined not to allow him to impede on the plans of his benefactor. He opened up his sense of smell and could almost sense they blood waiting for him.

     Rise casual from his meditation he strode across the room casually and flipped the switch to release the concealed door next to the fireplace.

     He descended the dark staircase with easy down into his private chambers. The room was exactly as he had left it cared for with meticulous attention.

     He reached the bottom deep under his estate and looked around the room. Off in the far corner strapped to the wall was the naked woman. She glisten with a sheen of sweat all across her body causing the fresh scars that covered her to be highlighted by the moisture.

     “Mark, attend me!” Feverstone ordered.

     Rising from the heap of rags in the corner the hollow figure scurried over to Feverstone.

     “Yes, my lord.” Mark said. “What is your command?”

     “Have you been caring properly for our guest?” Feverstone asked.

     “I have, My Lord.” Mark replied. “She is administered to on a daily basis as you have commanded.”

     “Good, I would have a word with her.” Feverstone said.

     Mark crossed to the bound figure and slapped her hard across the face to rouse her from her unconsciousness.

     “Wake up trollop, my master would speak with you.” Mark demanded.

     Feverstone approached the woman and stood before her in all his glory.

     “It seems that I will soon have the opportunity to renew the acquaintance of an old friend of yours.” Feverstone stated. “I know that you have prayed for years to be rescue from this damnation by your prophet. However I wish to make it clear to you that he has long forgotten about you. This man never cared for you more than as a piece on his chess board. And while he has thwarted many of my plans over the decades, that time comes to an end. I have been tasked by my master to ensure that he will not a thorn in his side as well, and I do not plan to fail in that.” Feverstone explained. “And when I am done I will bring the head here for you to witness his final defeat.”

     Feverstone watched her head hang limply from her restrained shoulders. With blinding speed his hand shot out and gripped her jaw yanking her face up to stare into his eyes.

     “You will be my possession for many years to come and I will have more time once my master has sealed his domination to personally minister to your torment.” Feverstone said.

     Opening her eyes she suddenly spit into his face.

     “I will never surrender my hope to you.” She screamed. “A monster such as you could never defeat him.”

     Feverstone whipped the liquid from his face and bare chest. Every instinct in his body screamed to strike out at her, destroy her and prove his superiority. But he know that there were greater ways to destroy a soul that to crush the physical body.

     Snapping his fingers Feverstone gestured for Mark to join him at his side.

     “You will need to administer to her more tonight.” Feverstone instructed.

     Closing his eyes Mark’s body seemed to become dark as the shadows the surrounded the small room. His entire body shuttered as he allowed the thing inside him to take over. Razor sharp claws began to extend from his fingers with excruciating slowness.

     Mark looked up through soulless eyes and saw nothing but a piece of meat in front of him. To be treated as his Master demanded. He crossed the final steps between them and leaned in to smell the fear that covered her. He reached up with his jagged claws and raked them across her body and crisscrossed her old scars with fresh trails of blood. She held on for mere moment before she was forced to scream out in renewed agony.

     Feverstone smiled as he enjoyed the sight. Leaning in next to her ear he whispered to her.

     “Jane, have I ever told you that he knows exactly what he is doing. He understands completely the agony he is causing you, but cannot stop himself. The pleasure that he receives from your torture outweighs any feeling that he might have once had for you. This will be your fate for eternity, to have your husband torture you everyday and enjoy every single second of it.”

     Soon her screams trailed off in exhaustion, the only sound left in the small room was the scratching of claws and Jane’s sobbing.


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