Fey Fyre (Part 8)

      Kali opened the door to the suite that Stephen had provided for her and allowed her guests to enter. Richard Feverstone and his two servants marched into the room almost as if they were dignitaries prepared to meet a head of state.

     “My Lord with be with us in a moment.” She hissed.

     Feverstone nodded and took a seat on the armchair that had been provided as Kali left them. The elongated Ritz and the fierce Mags stood behind their master in their parodies of servant’s clothes. Feverstone did not flinch as he sat and waited for Stephen. Like his Lord he was a man of infinite patience and would not be bothered by a wait of a few moments. He simple folded his gloves and his lap and admired the surroundings. His Lord always made a point to meet with servants in the most luxurious surroundings. It was a principle that Richard himself had adopted from his master. Showing proof to an underling who was of the higher standing and power. Richard expected he would feel great pride in his Lords control of power, if he felt any emotions at all.

     Stephen smirked as he entered to room, pleased to see that the pieces of his plan were ready and waiting for his summons.

     “Richard, I am glad to see that you have arrived.” Stephen said. “I have need of you and your servants to perform certain tasks for me.”

     “As always my Lord, I am here to be at your service.” Richard responded.

     “Good, good” Stephen replies sitting in the chair opposite to Richard. “I have been very pleased with the work that you have done for me in the past. I would like to have you depart very soon back to England. It would appear that the green-blooded Prince has gone there and I would very much wish that you could keep me updated on his activities. I do not plan to be caught off guard by any changes that he would introduce into my plans. All of the pieces on the board are in the proper place and ready to move.”

     “It shall be a pleasure to return to England and work once again for you Lord Bathory.” Richard stated.

     “Oh I don’t doubt that you will find much pleasure. I suspect that the Trickster has gone to gain the aid of an old acquaintance of yours, the elf friend.”

     Richard licked his lips at the mere mention of his old adversary. “His meddling in my past affairs was troublesome enough, I will see to it that he proves no bother to you my Lord.” Richard promised.

     As they spoke Kali entered dragging a fat old woman dressed in rags into the room and flung her down between the two men.

     “It appears that our evening refreshment has been prepared.” Stephen commented. “I would like to present the prior resident of this abode. It has been her honor, if not pleasure to have us here.”

     “As much as I am genuinely pleased at the offer to share this with you, I must decline. I do not eat so soon before a hunt and am greatly looking forward to this chase.” Richard insisted.

     “Perhaps your servants would enjoy this meal with my compliments. I have need of them in another capacity and it will not allow them the joy of feeding anytime soon.”

     Stephen gestured to allow them to feast.

     I flickering candle light gleamed off of the bald white flesh of Ritz’s head as he and Mags sprung forward tearing at the living flesh, they gorged themselves together ripping chunks of skin from her writhing and screaming body, teeth sinking into warm flesh as the two gentlemen continued their conversation.

     “If I may ask my Lord what is it that you need from my servants if they are not to be hunting for you.” Richard inquired.

     “I have need for them elsewhere. One of my most loyal servants has been languishing in a human penitentiary for the last forty years. The time has come for him to rejoin us. I will have need of his skills as a commander when the war starts. Maddox will lead our forces against the warriors of the Thunderer.”

     Richard gasped in surprise. “The Thunderer has returned?”

     “Yes the little fools are falling into my plans exactly, they will march against us the we will bring the forces of ours as well as the wrath of the Bard against them, it will weaken them enough so that they will be driven out and this land will be ours to control as we wish.” Stephen said.

     Their conversation paused for a moment while they sat and listened to the two servants gnaw away at the bones of their suffering victim. After a few moments Mags became annoyed with the sounds and looking down at her meal with her dark hollow eyes, bit down on the spine and ripped it apart. The corpse thrashed for a few moments before going limp. Ritz contented himself with licking the pools of blood that had run down the body before it got cold.

     “It is good to see them enjoy a proper meal.” Richard mused.

     “True.” Replied Stephen. “But you all must be off. I have made the necessary preparations for you to fly to London and they to depart for Corcoran, California tonight. I expect to hear good things from all of you in the next several days. Loyalty such as yours will not go unrewarded.”

     Kali returned followed by several Shades to remove the remains of the night’s meal. Stephen rose from his seat to indicate that their audience with him was at an end. The wretched servants slowly backed away from him.

     “I will be traveling to the Delta so that I might meet with Lord Damien and begin the final preparation for our end game, any news should be conveyed to me there. Once you are all done with your appointed tasks then all of the family will be meeting at that location.” Stephen instructed.

     “Of course, My Lord. We will do your bidding and join you as soon as these tasks are accomplished.

     Kali escorted the trio out and Stephen stood and watched the whirls in the black pools of cooling blood as it soaked into the once pristine hard wood floors.

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