Fey Fyre (Part 7)

Corporal James had been in Afghanistan for almost a year and had been through assignments that would have many almost anyone else turn cold with fear, but he had faced his fears every time knowing that he was doing what he needed to do for his country. The assignment that he was on currently however was something that he would have gladly traded for the option of facing down a terrorist ambush. His Lieutenant had dispatched him to bring a message to Major Arthur Thor. Major Thor was in command of the most forward unit of the Division and was known for not only being the toughest and smartest commanding the field, but the least willing to deal with command politics and civilian interference in military affairs.

     He reached the command post that the Major was operating from in less than an hour. He could see the major consulting with his units as he pulled to a stop. Major Thor stood easily at six-foot five and with his jet-black crew cut stood out from any of the other member of the command. He had been chewing on the end of a cigar for over an hour after it went out refusing to give up on the end of it. The Corporal quickly rushed to meet up with the Major as he walked away.

     “Major, sir” the Corporal said. “I have a message from headquarters.”

     “What is it?” the Major rumbled.

     “Two civilian VIPs are waiting for you back at headquarters, sir.” The Corporal replied.

     “Who the hell is it?” the Major asked.

     “I was told that they are from Avalon, sir.”

     The Major sighed like the west wind howling on a frozen night, “Fine, let’s get a move on.”

     The corporal chose to remain completely silent for the entire ride back to headquarters, he was relived that the Major decided to do the same. As they slowed to a stop in the center of the base the Major did not even wait for them to come to a complete stop before he was out of the vehicle and on his way.

     The Major was more pissed than he had been in years, to be all the way out here doing what he needed to do, and to have that group of lay about pansies come slithering here to try to talk him into coming back was a waste of his time. He was sick of dealing with all of the backstabbing and politics, especially when most of it came from his own family.

     The Major matched directly into the offices at headquarters.

     “General Sir, I was instructed that I had civilians that were requesting my presence.” The Major barked.

     He stopped for a moment when he saw the look in the general’s eyes. It was a look that he had been quite familiar with in his youth; he could see the sweat starting to bead up on the General’s face as the glamour took stronger and stronger hold of him.

     Thor spun around to face them almost directly behind him. “Would you stop that? They are not toys for your amusement.”

     Mini was lost in though as she toyed with the Generals mind and only after a second stopped and paid attention to Thor as he towered over her almost twice her size. “Alright Uncle, you have become more of a drag the longer time goes on.”

     Thor spun away from the diminutive beauty and turned on Jareth. “Why have you come here? I have told you over and over again I am tired of the games you people play. And if the Prince wants to say anything to me then he had better come himself next time. I am not interested in talking to his little messenger boy.”

     “I am sorry Lord Thunderer, but the Prince is unable to come himself as he is busy making plans for war.” Jareth responded.

     Thor had taken the General by the shoulder and almost led him from the room when Jareth’s words pushed through his anger. He stopped in his tracks and shoved the barely coherent General out of the room and away from Mini’s influence.

     “What are you talking about War? The Highfather would never break the truce, and the Demon Son is too afraid of the combined power of the Highfather and the Bard against him to start anything.” Thor raged.

     “True, but there is another snake that is guarded from the Bard by not being involved in the truce and beneath the Highfather’s notice.” Jareth responded.

     “What are you…” Thor said his voice trailing off as a reality dawned on him. “Bathory is coming for the family?”

     “Yes, he is. The Prince has dispatched messengers to most of the loyal family members in order to bring you all together. So when the snake finally shows his hand then we will be able to combat him. If this becomes an all out war then we will need you at our side. You were one of the things that kept them in check for so many centuries.

     Thor turned on Jareth in anger “So now after all of this time that I have been telling you people that we need to take the fight to them, that these vermin need to be eradicated from the face of the planet, Now you realize that I was right all along. Has the Highfather admitted that he should have allowed me the chance to crush them when I wanted to?”

     Jareth stopped, unsure of how to respond.

     “The Highfather does not know what the Prince is planning.” Thor said. “He is completely unaware of what is going on. Well then slink back to your master the prince, little lackey. Tell him that the Thunderer will return when the Highfather comes to his senses and admits that he was wrong.”

     Thor turned and began to leave. Jareth’s blood ran cold, as he knew that Robin would be furious that they were unable to bring back the Thunderer.

     “Now who is playing games?” Mini shouted.

     Thor froze where he was and his shoulders tensed. His was the pure blood of the royal line and even if this little thing was family, he was not to be spoken to in such a tone.

     “What did you say to me?” Thor boomed not even turning to acknowledge the small girl.

     “Your brother has sent us to bring you back, not out of some insane family squabble, but because we face an enemy that not only threatens us, but all of your precious humans on this planet as well. If you could see past your petty grudges with grandfather then you might be able to see that this is more important than any of that. You said you were tired of the game playing, but now you are the one doing it. You withhold assistance that could turn the tide only due to your over-inflated pride. Get over yourself already.” Mini challenged him.

     “Follow me.” Thor grumbled.

     Marching out of the office Thor brushed past the still dazed General. He crossed the compound at a rapid pace will Jareth and Mini close on his heels. He walked directly into the supply area and boomed at the top of his lungs. “Sergeant!”

     An aging fat man quickly rushed his way forward knowing that The Major’s fury was not to be tested.

     “Yes, Sir. What can I do for you, Sir?” The Sergeant mumbled.

     “The Crate.” Thor responded.

     Suddenly the room was a flurry of activity as the Sergeant grabbed three privates to help him lug the huge crate from the back of the supply room to a spot at Thor’s feet.

     The crate was marked ‘Top Secret’ and ‘Do Not Open’ at several point along the bare wood, but not other markings told what was inside. On the end in fine lettering was the words ‘Major Arthur Thor”. The crate itself was over five feet long and at least three feet wide. Thor walked around it three times determining which was the top end. He looked up at Jareth for a moment and smiled.

     Thor drove his massive fist down into middle of the top of the crate and crashed through into the contents. His huge forearms flexed for a moment and then withdrew his prize from inside.

     Even in the low light the giant head of the Hammer sparkled with silver brilliance.

     Mini grasped, after hearing so much about the legendary weapon to see it in person for the first time was awe-inspiring.

     The shaft of the Hammer itself measured almost four feet in length, and was as wide as a mans wrist, the silver head extended a foot out from the shaft and was almost that wide. Thor held the prized weapon up to the light soaking in its power.

     “Forged in the center of Mount Vesuvius itself, the metal smelted by Mulciber and worked by Vulcan. Its power is only matched by my own.” Thor chanted.

     Thor looked over a Jareth, “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

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