Fey Fyre (Part 6)

     Stephen set down the project that he had been working on and lifted up his glass. He looked through the ruby liquid as it clung to the sides out across the Chicago skyline. He though back on all of the schemes that he had assembled for the Demon Son, and all of the little ways that they had gone wrong. He was sure now that he had prepared for every eventuality, nothing could stop him this time. He would not allow others to ruin his magnificent plan. He had learned from the last time

     Stephen had been sitting waiting in the cramped room for over an hour. He was smirking to himself every so often as he reveled in the news he was about to provide.

     The guards came into the room first they had to be on the highest guard after the events of the day, if they only knew the full extent of their masters involvement they would not be so cautious. Soon as they were convinced that Stephen was alone in the room they exited and Damien entered in his full regal attire.

     “Greetings, Archduke.” Stephen said bowing to Damien. “My plan has begun.”

     “Good I am glad it is finally time to act.” Damien responded. “I see your time in the SIS has been well spent. What about the questions about the identity of the assassins? The Tree-Lovers know of Franz’ true identity, they will question why this was done.”

     “Oh, I have prepared for that, it was actually two of theirs that did the deed.” Stephen reported. “You are aware of the rogues Hans and Greta that have been causing trouble for us in the area.”

     “Yes, they have made several attempts on members of the family.” Damien replied.

     “The same, I made sure it was they who were stationed at the turn so that they had access to your nephew.”

     Damien smirked; he was always amused with Stephen’s ability to manipulate these pawns of theirs for the long game.

     “So we will move the cattle into place for the battles to come, we can move openly against the Tree-Lovers. What about the Mad Monk? He can still cause problems for us with his influence over the Czarina.” Damien insisted.

     “One of my lieutenants, Rayner is on his way to Saint Petersburg as we speak, he will work to undermined the establishment’s belief in him, and when the time is right he will lead them to remove that problem from the field.” Stephen explained.

     “Good it appears that our plans will be moving forward, I hope to be able to return to the Delta in the near future.” Damien answered.

     “Have you worked out a replacement here to handle things?” Stephen asked.

     “I have an Austrian Corporal that I plan to turn”

     “Good, the greenbloods will try to install a puppet over our territory once the fighting is over. We will need to place him in the right positions and surround him with enough of the family to aid him.” Stephen planned.

     Damien rose from his seat and headed out, leaving Stephen to continue on preparing his plans

     Stephen sat in his livingroom looking out over the clean Chicago winter. All of those years of planning and building were thrown out the window because he had trusted in the choice of one who could barely understand the complexities of his schemes. All of the centuries that he had spent raising and training the boy, simply because of the need his father felt to adhere to some antiquated order that required a blood descendant. After six hundred years of loyalty he sometimes doubted if the Demon Son truly understood what they had become and how they had surpassed those frail human needs. He would not allow this plan to fail as his last did, when executing a strategy over decades you could not allow for the introduction of foolishness by those who could not see past their next meal. Stephen would have his rightful place at the top of the family, if it were not to be given to him then he would take from all of them at once. Reaching down he once again pick up the wooden stake and continued to sharpen the tip to fierce point.

     Off in the distance he could see the flashing of the fire engines light in the slums. Kali’s minions had done their work and now those thralls were being shown the only reward they would ever receive, in the burning pits of that building.

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