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I have a bad feeling about this, or why not to panic about the sale of LucasFilms

I can hear Star Wars fans all over the world saying George Lucas’ famous line in response to the purchase of Lucasfilms by Disney. The panic will soon spread all across the internet and I just wanted to take a … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Fiddlestix

As the time approaches for the King’s birthday his majesty travels the land to spend moments with his people. Blessing as many possible with the gift of his time, the greatest of all honors has been bestowed on the village … Continue reading

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Fey Fyre (Part 2)

Stephen had been pacing back and forth across the plush carpet of his living room for almost two hours. He would stop every couple of passes and glance down from the balcony windows at the city lights below. He stopped … Continue reading

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A little bit of poetry

As part of the literature that we will be focusing on in Trilith will be poetry/slam poetry that draws its influences from pop culture and geek culture. The following example is a poem by award-winning slam poet Brian Ellis from … Continue reading

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