The plan as it stands

I had a request today from a friend and writer that I respect greatly for additional details about what my plans for Trilith Magazine are, so I thought I would give a little more details about the end goal.

As I have explained this will be a multimedia web-magazine, so it will be full of video, photos, audio and written articles.

The biggest part of the magazine will be three to four video/pictorials of Cosplay in one form or another. In this case I am defining Cosplay in the broadest terms possible. It could include Comics/Amine, Sci/Fi, Horror, RenFaire, Pirate, Mermaids, Steampunk, Shadowcasting, even Burlesque and Firespinning will be considered. Along with all of this will be interviews with the people, stories of how things have developed, how-to animated demonstrations, causes that the Cosplay community has supported, and coverage of the major Cosplay events.

We will devote time to existing Geek media, as well as up and coming Geek media, the movies, music, TV and comics that inspire the Geek community.

Along with all of thing will also be reviews of independent books, music, movies and poetry that the Geek community aspires to create.

Each issue will include original art, stories and comics from unknown creators.

All of this will be brought together every-other months along with schedules of major Geek events from around the country.

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